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Antony Gormley and Paul Smith to contribute to Secret 7″ project

By | Published on Monday 24 March 2014

Secret 7"

Now we’ve got to the point where labels are releasing over 600 ‘exclusive’ records for Record Store Day, the shine’s kind of gone off it a bit. Not to mention the problems block booking of vinyl pressing plants by bigger players causes smaller companies hoping to get involved, or anyone who just wants to put out a non-RSD vinyl release in the few months surrounding the day itself – concerns which distributor Kudos went public with earlier this month.

One thing that does still have a bit of a special feel about it though is the Secret 7″ project, which since 2012 has taken white label seven-inch singles from seven musical acts and placed them randomly inside almost 700 one-off record sleeves from a range of artists and designers.

Amongst the artists involved this year are Jake and Dinos Chapman, Antony Gormley, Paul Smith, Massive Attack’s Robert Del Naja, Stanley Donwood, Alex Chinneck, Fred Butler and Pete Fowler. The full list of contributors, is available here, and you can view all of the designs here.

The songs on offer are:

Black Sabbath – Age Of Reason
Elbow – Grounds For Divorce
Jake Bugg – Strange Creatures
Lorde – Team
Massive Attack – Karmacoma
Roxy Music – Virginia Plain
T-Rex – Get It On

Bad luck anyone who ends up with one of the Jake Bugg ones. Still, all profits go to Warchild, so at least there’s that. And you’ll have some nice artwork.

Here’s an interview with Alex Chinneck, Stanley Donwood, Fred Butler and Pete Fowler about their work for this year’s Secret 7″ project: