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Anyone fancy a pint of Marley?

By | Published on Friday 13 February 2009

Prepare yourself for a wave of Bob Marley-related merchandise, from drinks to snowboards, following a new licensing deal signed by the late reggae star’s family.

Bob Marley lager and coffee will be among the first products to hit the market, followed by headphones, shoes, musical instruments, electronics and, yep, snowboards. Other products currently being considered apparently include luggage, stationery, videogames and hotels. And there are plans to open a global chain of One Love cafes where people “come, eat good Jamaican food, talk about the music, listen to the music, live bands”.

Speaking about the new deal with private equity firm Hilco, who will develop and manage merchandise in partnership with Marley’s father, his daughter Cedella said: “We’re open to licensing just about anything. [But] if it is not right, we will not do it. [The One Love cafes] are something that we’ve always wanted to explore. We’re talking [about] all over the world – one in London, one in Asia, one in Amsterdam”.

She added that the deal was not simply about cashing in on her father’s name, but a bid to curb the $600m bootleg industry that has built up around Marley. She said: “This is a big business for bootleggers. We want to stop some of the nonsense, and make sure the great stuff upholds our standards. We’re in control”.

They should definitely do doughnuts – wi’ jam in (sorry).