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Aphex Twin blimp appears over London. Why? No idea.

By | Published on Monday 18 August 2014

Aphex Twin

A fluorescent yellow blimp bearing the Aphex Twin logo and the digitals two, zero, one and four appeared over London venue The Oval Space at the weekend. Why? No one knows. No one at all. Though I reckon a guess that it signifies something Aphex Twin-related happening in 2014 is a fairly safe one.

Staff apparently told music marketing type Jack Cooper, who was attending the London Craft Beer Festival at the venue, that the blimp was there to promote “an event that’s been cancelled”, adding later that the person tending to the blimp said that it was there for “just marketing, nothing else”.

Less imaginative people suggested that Richard D James would be DJing at the beer festival, or something. But he didn’t. (obviously). And then people started noticing that his logo had been stencilled on the Radio City Music Hall in New York too.

What could it mean? How are we supposed to sleep at night without knowing? Let’s not! Let’s stay awake until our questions are answered. All questions, not just this one. Let’s never sleep again. The blimp will protect us!