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Aphex Twin puts up mysterious billboard ads

By | Published on Thursday 8 October 2020

Aphex Twin billboard

Hey, remember when Aphex Twin tied a small blimp to a venue in London back in 2014? Then it turned out it was to promote the producer’s first album for thirteen years? Well, it looks like something similar is happening again. Billboards bearing the producer’s logo have appeared in LA, Berlin, Bristol and London. What could be happening?

It’s entirely possible that this means that new music is incoming. Although it may also not. An image of one of the billboards was shared on Instagram by music software and hardware maker Novation, promising that there would be “more info incoming” on 20 Oct.

Aphex Twin has partnered with Novation before, with the company last year adding an ‘AFX mode’ to its Bass Station II synth. So maybe this is all something to do with that. Who knows?

Anyway, the short version of this is that someone is making use of the billboards that have otherwise been going ignored during the pandemic.