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Apple Music to launch analytics for artists

By | Published on Tuesday 23 January 2018

Apple Music

Apple has announced the launch of Apple Music For Artists, which is like Spotify For Artists, but on Apple Music rather than Spotify. I’m glad to have cleared that up. It aims to provide artists and managers with stats and data to better understand their fans’ listening and buying habits.

The new stats dashboard offers data on streams and iTunes downloads dating back to the 2015 launch of Apple Music. It also identifies key milestones as bullet points for specific tracks or an artists’ entire catalogue. Stats can further be broken down by country, city and demographic.

Currently in beta, the feature will initially only be available to a few thousand artists, in order to test it out and highlight any improvements required. A full roll out is expected in the spring.

Apple Music is quite late to the ‘let’s provide some stats to artists and managers’ party. As well as Spotify, companies including Pandora and YouTube already offer data and analytics directly to artists. In part it’s a means of trying to stop those pesky artists from constantly moaning about how small their royalty payments are.

Of course, anyone who wants to know how licensing and royalties on streaming services work, should buy a copy of ‘Dissecting The Digital Dollar’ from Amazon.