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Approved 2015: Everything Everything

By | Published on Thursday 17 December 2015

Everything Everything

Every day this week in the CMU Approved slot, we’ll be looking at one of our five favourite artists of 2015. Today, Everything Everything…

Whatever it was Everything Everything were attempting to achieve all this time, it really felt like they nailed it in 2015 with their third album ‘Get To Heaven’. First single ‘Distant Past’, released in February, was a near perfect combination of pop and experimentation, setting a level of expectation that the final LP more than delivered upon.

In terms of favourites, it’s difficult to pick one from the tracklist, but most recent single ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’ is the song I increasingly find myself returning to. It is perhaps the best example of the record’s sound too, grabbing you with a guitar hook that they build upon, creating a base for Jonathan Higgs’ often staccato and precisely, if unusually, pitched vocals. No part of the track is a simple bridge to the next section, each is paid close attention.

‘Get To Heaven’ sounds like an album made by a band who are thoroughly enjoying what they’re doing, and who keep hearing things fall into place as they tread deeper into the recording careers. It’s a record that’s clearly had a huge amount of time spent on it, but it sounds like it just fell out of them fully formed.

Watch the videos for ‘Regret’ and ‘Spring / Sun / Winter / Dread’ here: