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Approved: Aïsha Devi

By | Published on Thursday 1 March 2018

Aïsha Devi

Aïsha Devi released ‘Of Matter And Spirit’, her debut album under her own name, in 2015. Previously she had worked under the name Kate Wax, although ahead of that album’s release she announced that she was “putting Kate Wax to rest for a consequent amount of eternity”. A phrase I’d like you to think about next time anyone goes “on hiatus”.

Already acclaimed for her leftfield electronic music while known as Kate Wax, as Aïsha Devi she stretched things to new levels. Things got decidedly weirder, as the attack and pull of her production also increased. Now she returns with ‘Inner State Of Alchemy’, the first track from her new album ‘DNA Feelings’, which is due out on 11 May.

News of the album comes with an “artist statement”, which says things like “we live in a paraexistence spleen” and “I think, therefore I am a superconductor”. Delve further into that, if you like. Or just give yourself over fully to the utter majesty of ‘Inner State Of Alchemy’. As a piece of work, it sees Devi once again develop her sound in new directions, and puts her on a completely new level in terms of quality.

You can catch Devi live at Oslo in London on 14 Jun. Listen to ‘Inner State Of Alchemy’ here:

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