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Approved: Aldo

By | Published on Thursday 25 April 2019


Brothers Andre and Mura Faria began recording under the name Aldo as a means of paying tribute to and processing memories of a childhood spent with their Uncle Aldo.

Back in the 90s, Uncle Aldo seems to have been a somewhat outlaw-ish figure, introducing the two boys to a darker side of Sao Paulo, where they grew up. Illegal car racing, suspicious back-alley negotiations, football gang violence, parties and alcohol were all features of this unorthodox upbringing.

These stories all seem ripe for mining creatively. However, Aldo has since found God and repented his sins, and neither he nor the wider Faria family were particularly keen on dredging up that past. But once the brothers eventually gained their uncle’s blessing, they were free to proceed.

Who knows if any of that is actually true, but whatever, I think it’s safe to say that pretty much all other musicians are failing with their back stories by comparison. Aldo have since gone on to build a strong following in Brazil, last year opening for Radiohead at the Allianz Park Stadium.

Now signed to Full Time Hobby in the UK they are set to release their debut EP, ‘Trembling Eyelids’, later this year. The title track is out now, showcasing a perhaps more restrained sound than you might expect from all I said above. They reference Happy Mondays, Prince and LCD Soundsystem, as well as 70s Brazilian soul and funk bands, among their influences.

Watch the video for ‘Trembling Eyelids’ here:

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