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Approved: Alexa Melo

By | Published on Thursday 22 November 2018

Alexa Melo

Back in 2015, Alexa Melo’s career in music was starting to gain some traction. Having laid all the groundwork, she’d self-released her debut album and headed out on tour. Then she was diagnosed with a cyst on her vocal cord. Not ideal, but fixable with surgery, and, she was told, there would be no lasting damage. The only problem was that she’d have to rest her voice for a year.

Determined not to give up, she eased herself back into singing a year later by posting cover song performances onto YouTube. She found a following in the process, leading to her putting out an EP of Radiohead covers. Now she’s returned to original material, with the release of new EP ‘Mute’.

After that period of not being able to work, ‘Mute’ sees Melo throw her energy fully back into her music. Each song on the EP also has a video created by her close collaborator, videographer Daniel Garcia. The fourth and final of those is for ‘Hollow’, which you can watch here:

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