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Approved: Alissic

By | Published on Tuesday 5 April 2022


Originally from Brazil, now based in Sheffield, Alissic recently released her first single of 2022, ‘Superstitious’, extending her “Britney meets Tim Burton” sonic world.

Like last year’s Piano and ‘Like’, the song is co-written with her husband, Oli Sykes of Bring Me The Horizon. It has the most overtly Latin influence of any of her music to date, and is the first track to include a portion of lyrics in her native Portuguese.

“It makes me feel warm and like home with its Latin American influence”, she says of the song. “The super-spacey and lush sound in the pre-chorus gives it a really ethereal vibe. It feels like you are crafting a spell, when you talk about female intuition it means you are in tune with yourself and the universe, and I wanted to reflect that in the sound”.

Alissic is set to perform at The Great Escape festival in May.

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