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Approved: Anna

By | Published on Wednesday 31 January 2018


Having put out releases via a variety of labels over the last few years, techno producer Anna makes her first appearance in the Kompakt catalogue with new EP ‘Speicher 101’.

Putting something out on the legendary Berlin label seemed like “a distant dream”, she says, adding: “I have so many records from Kompakt, I’ve had them since I started, and even though I played so many different styles through the years, I can safely say that Kompakt has always been in my crate”.

The twelve-inch release finds her on fantastic form, with two intense and enveloping tracks, ‘Hidden Beauties’ and ‘The Dansant’.

Listen to a clip of ‘Hidden Beauties’ here, or listen to the full track on our CMU Approved playlist on Spotify.

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