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Approved: Arctus Questu

By | Published on Wednesday 3 July 2013

Arctus Questu

‘Ice Raft’ by Arctus Questu first appeared on the ‘Hello Pink Mist’ compilation, released by the Pink Mist collective of indie labels in 2011. Sounding a bit like Plaid remixed by Aphex Twin, there it was, just sitting quietly at the end of the record not telling anyone why it was there, but welcome all the same.

Now, two years later, it has moved to a proper home, with Pink Mist’s Blood & Biscuits suddenly releasing a three track EP by Arctus Questu last week. Why? Don’t know. Who is Arctus Questu? Still not sure. But of what import are these questions when there are cut up childrens’ stories to be listened to? None at all.

You can download the whole EP for any amount of money you see fit over at Bandcamp, and check out ‘Ice Raft’ here: