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Approved: Auclair

By | Published on Thursday 24 February 2022


Musician and sound artist Auclair has announced that she will release her first solo studio record – new EP ‘Giramata’ – in April. Preceding it is new single ‘DIAARL’, which stands for “Dreaming Is An Act Of Radical Love”.

“I wrote and recorded ‘DIAARL’ during a difficult time, in which I got a lot of energy and hope from the expansive vibrant ideas of people like Sun Ra, Bell Hooks and lots of sci-fi writers”, she says.

“The ways they continually reimagine the world and new ones inspired me to draw on my heritage and an old technology in traditional Rwandan drumming patterns and combine it with a newer one in the waves of the Moog Mother-32 synthesiser. I think it’s an attempt to serenade our imaginative muscles and it’s potential as an everyday liberatory practice”.

Best known for her live work, which spans classical, percussion, soundtracking and sound art, this new track takes all of that experience and distills it into three minutes of experimental pop. Sonically, she takes abstract individual elements and entwines them into a swelling and contracting musical backing for her voice.

Also a member of Deep Throat Choir, the new EP will be released by the group’s own label, Amorphous Sounds, on 15 Apr.

Watch the video for ‘DIAARL’ here:

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