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Approved: Automatic

By | Published on Thursday 12 September 2019


Following their debut single ‘Calling It’ earlier this year, post-punk trio Automatic will release their debut album, ‘Signal’, later this month.

The band say they started writing music together after becoming disillusioned with the masculine rock music being “pumped out like plastic bottles into the ocean” on the radio and at venues around LA.

Naming themselves after a song by The Go-Go’s, they developed a deadpan, industrial sound (both adjectives that could also be ascribed to the ‘Calling It’ video, which was shot in an aluminium factory), with lyrics that reflect the darker side of life. “The world is so fucked up, I don’t know how any musician could say, ‘this is all peachy'”, they add.

‘Signal’ is out on 27 Sep. The title track is out today – listen here. Watch the video for ‘Calling It’ here: