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Approved: AV AV AV

By | Published on Thursday 5 September 2019


Following a steady stream of single and EP releases over the last few years, Danish electronic trio AV AV AV have announced that they will release their debut album, ‘No Statues’, in October. The first single and title track shows a new heavier direction, adding a new dimension to their sound and impressive live performances.

“We will soon be launching our debut album”, confirm the band. “This is the first time that we have had the possibility to create such a big and coherent work. This means that we need to break new ground and put more thought into the music than we have before. ‘No Statues’ is clearly the hardest track we have ever made, and it defines the theme on the album that varies in style. There are also tracks that are more similar to what we have done before. As a collective it is clear that we’re now in a different place musically than when we started out in 2014”.

The track comes with a suitably hard hitting video, pondering the line between freedom fighters and terrorists. “The message in the video is not political, it’s human”, they say. “All societies are created by people who have made choices. Some changes have required drastic choices, such as the French Revolution. It changed Europe. Seen from the King and the royalty’s perspective, it may not have been a very cool situation. But for the people of Europe, who are now writing the story, it was one of the most important things that could happen”.

Watch the video for ‘No Statues’ here: