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Approved: Babii

By | Published on Tuesday 7 May 2019


One time member of the excellent pop duo Us Baby Bear Bones, Daisy Warne returned in her solo guise as Babii last year with her debut single ‘Phantom’. She’s now announced the release of her debut album, ‘Hiide’, in July.

“When writing [the album], I was still trying to keep a dying relationship alive, but it was falling apart because of secrets being kept”, she tells DIY. “I was also his secret and there was a lot of things hidden between us. All of the tracks are fragments of the same theme and capture the album as a whole. It’s such a diverse set of emotions that all bleed into one another, and also reflect each other, and at times can even contradict each other”.

Speaking to Paper, she adds of new single ‘Carniivore’: “This was one of the first songs I wrote for ‘Hiide’. It continues the theme of a few songs I wrote before it, that used animal predators as metaphors for how I was feeling like prey, in full survival mode, but kinda up for the battle. The song is about falling in love with someone even though you know they are gonna hurt you, like a prey animal falling in love with its predator”.

With this deeply personal theme running throughout the album’s lyrics, Warne has built a warm and detailed electronic world around it in her music. The album is out on 5 Jul, and she has three shows booked in at this week’s Great Escape Festival in Brighton.

Listen to ‘Carniivore’ here: