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Approved: Baby In Vain

By | Published on Thursday 1 May 2014

Baby In Vain

Danish trio Baby In Vain arrived back home from SXSW this year with a long line of people queuing up behind them shouting praise (not actually, this is a metaphor). The cause of that praise will be put into action in the UK this month, when the band release their debut single, ‘Corny #1’, and perform at The Great Escape.

The band plug into what many 90s-influenced rock acts in the current wave of revivalism miss, shunning an over-analysis of clothing choices in favour of writing music that just gets on with being good. Though, to be fair, this is a point most bands who were actually around in the 90s missed too.

‘Corny #1’ swaggers slowly with riffs that hook into something primal within you, and that is something you can enjoy in the video right here: