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Approved: Bass Drum Of Death – Shattered Me

By | Published on Wednesday 10 April 2013

Bass Drum Of Death

I’ve no idea who’s playing rhythm on Bass Drum Of Death’s ‘Shattered Me’, a harbinger of the outfit’s sophomore LP, because guitarist/vocalist/lone BDOD-ist John Barrett can’t be doing it all, at least not at all the same time. But still, driving rhythm there is – in spades, in fact – a tinny metal strut to the track’s higher-fi facets.

‘Shattered Me’ is, ironically in light of its jaded title, quite a mild, frothy intro to ‘Bass Drum Of Death’ the LP, amplifying the garage-pop tones always hinted at in Barret et al’s shadier past cache. Gone is the malign snap and snarl of, say, 2011’s glassy ‘GB City’ pinnacle ‘Spare Room’, and in play in its place, a beachy, Wavves-y vim and lightness of step.

‘Bass Drum Of Death’ is released via Innovative Leisure on 24 Jun.