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Approved: Bastille

By | Published on Wednesday 9 February 2011


Bastille is the work of a guy called Dan, that much I can tell you. That, and also that a rapidly growing number of people are quite excited about him. Dan is seemingly quite a secretive chap, providing no biographical information about the project anywhere, and only uploading three original tracks and a remix to the internet in the last six months. But I do like a bit of mystery. I also like great pop songs, which all three of those original tracks most definitely are.

The first seeds of the project arrived last year in the form of ‘Icarus’ and ‘Laura Palmer’, which you can hear on the Bastille SoundCloud page. Built on solid percussion, pianos and strings underpin Dan’s voice, which carries everything. It’s the kind of voice that wraps itself around words, rather than simply allowing them to slip freely into the world. But those songs are now six months old. If you want the new shit, you have to head to YouTube to watch the video for ‘Flaws’, which went online last month. Still in the same vein, though with a more electronic feel, it could very well be the foundation of something big.