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Approved: Ben Crosland

By | Published on Thursday 8 November 2018

Ben Crosland

Composer and sound designer Ben Crosland’s new album of (mostly) solo piano pieces, ‘Songs From Rainbow Hill’, is set for release through Bigo & Twigetti later this month.

Inspired by Worcester and its surrounding countryside, where Crosland lives and works, it’s a beautifully optimistic record, impressively conjuring up images of melting ice, summer rain and rolling hills. Crosland’s style successfully achieves a careful balance that remains engaging and gentle throughout, without ever slipping into the background, as so many solo piano albums do.

The album’s title, and the piece ‘Rainbow Hill’, take their names and inspiration from the hill which overlooks the road where Crosland lives.

“Due to the location and height of the hill, rainbows are a common occurrence here, especially in the late afternoon and early evening”, he says. “Almost always, they radiate against a backdrop of the dark grey clouds that have just passed over, resulting in a spellbinding atmosphere of petrichor, soft golden light, and darkness defeated by triumphant colour”.

“I think, in essence, ‘Songs From Rainbow Hill’ is an album about optimism and fond reminiscence”, he continues. “I see each piece as a different way to centre myself – to appreciate what I have in that moment. To me, it just feels like home”.

Listen to ‘Rainbow Hill’ here:

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