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Approved: Bernard + Edith

By | Published on Monday 3 March 2014

Bernard + Edith

Rising up from the murk of the SWAYs Records label, dripping in ‘Twin Peaks’-ish pond slime, it’s lo-fi pop flotsam Bernard + Edith, a kind of Manc Hype Williams for our time.

The opium-shot title song from the duo’s first single ‘Poppy’, which will drop down on 31 Mar (fixed to B and C-sides ‘Eyes On You’ and ‘Spell On You’), looks and sounds somehow horribly wrong, like something turned inside-out so its stitches show. Building its one trick hook on a silt of strobing synths and grimy gong chimes, it’s the muddied English cousin to Chairlift’s ‘Garbage’, which I guess implies it’s pretty much the dirtiest thing going.

If you don’t care for the thought of what it’d look like if art youth Edith’s dressing up box were to blow up all over her, I’d look away now: