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Approved: Blondes

By | Published on Tuesday 22 June 2010

I thought we’d already covered Brooklyn duo Blondes in this section, but apparently I dreamt it. So, I’m quickly going to rectify the situation and hope no one notices my mistake. It’s possible I started writing about them before but was sent into a trance by their swirling electronic music, which they fitting describe as “ecstatic trance”.

Zach Steinman and Sam Haar set about creating their semi-improvised sound in 2008, taking in all manner of experimental electronica genres, as well as a bit of krautrock and half a teaspoon of pop to ensure that the occasional hook appears. The highlight of their debut EP, ‘Touched’, which is released this week through Merok Records [insert obligatory reference to the label releasing the first singles by Klaxons and Crystal Castles here], is ‘Moondance’. Just shy of twelve minutes in length, it’s easy to lose yourself in the track early on, only to wake up dancing three quarters of the way through.