CMU Approved


By | Published on Tuesday 30 July 2013

There’s been a trend for bands to having ungoogleable names over the last few years, but today’s approved act takes things one step further by naming themselves after a website that they don’t actually own.

It took several permutations of plus a carefully selected keyword to finally track them down. At which point, Google Translate’s piss poor attempt to translate their website from Japanese to English made the whole thing fairly pointless anyway. But, hey, I do know a few things, so let’s get on with it.

MC Itsuka and DJ/MC Gonchi formed in 2011. Gonchi both likes and dislikes herself, while Itsuka hates “a fool” but likes insects. That’s pretty much all the information I gleaned from their website that I’m certain of.

I’m not a massive fan of Japanese rap, on the whole, but have found a way to deliver rhymes in their native tongue that is more appealing than most. Operating at the pop end of the spectrum, they lay their lyrics over bouncy dance beats, and when they sing their melodies stop just before they become too sugar coated.

The duo’s debut album, ‘I I Syndrome’, is available on iTunes in the UK now. Here they are performing a karaoke version of one of the album’s tracks, ‘George’, and here’s the decidedly odd video for recent single ‘Hate’: