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Approved: Church & AP

By | Published on Tuesday 11 June 2019

Church & AP

New Zealand rap duo Church & AP will play their first ever UK show this week at London’s Waiting Room venue. Ahead of that, they’ve released ‘Dandelion’, a new track from their forthcoming debut album. “The sound is unlike anything we’ve ever put out to the world – this is the start of something different”, Church says of the new single – which follows on from ‘Ready Or Not’, another track that came out earlier this year.

As they gain more attention, the duo are hoping to bring others on the New Zealand hip hop scene up with them. Church explains: “Part of this project is also showcasing others within the scene. Our frequent collaborators and friends beyond just music. This project in particular feels like a collective effort from the people in the scene. It’s about taking who we are to the world. Creating an image that people can relate to. Not just in NZ but abroad. There’s a lot that we want to do, but I prefer to speak through action”.

Well, best let him get on with it then. The Waiting Room show is set for 17 Jun, and you can watch the lyric video for ‘Dandelion’, featuring Deadforest, here: