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Approved: Craven Faults

By | Published on Thursday 13 June 2019

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Craven Faults released his debut EP, ‘Netherfield Works’, back in 2017. It featured two instrumental tracks which, if you care about the detail, were put together through extensive modular synth wrangling. And if you don’t, they’re just excellent pieces of immersive electronic music.

The long-awaited follow-up, ‘Springhead Works’, arrived at the beginning of this year, featuring two more tracks, led by the slow burning ‘Inhale’. Now, with productivity levels rapidly increasing, a third EP, ‘Nunroyd Works’, has emerged, completing the ‘Works’ trilogy.

“We’ve picked up speed since we passed ‘Netherfield’ and ‘Springhead Works'”, says an accompanying blurb, noting the journey through Yorkshire that the EP titles have taken us on. “It’s more built up here, as we enter the outskirts of the city. The former mills and cinemas are alive. A kick drum carries though the walls. Every so often the doors open and the sound spills onto the street. The destination was unintentional. An experiment”.

The new EP – available on vinyl right now, before arriving on digital services at the beginning of next month – is led by the track ‘Engine Fields’. Watch the video for that here:

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