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Approved: Death Team

By | Published on Thursday 25 June 2015

Death Team

Where do you even start with Death Team? The duo apparently met at Spotify’s Stockholm HQ while performing with different projects. Although neither has much memory of that initial meeting, they nonetheless ended up trying to work together. Initial attempts at punk floundered, which possibly explains their first single ‘Fucking Bitches In The Hood’, its aggression somewhat diminished by the nursery rhyme delivery and rock n roll piano.

They describe the sound that has been gradually forming over the course of a number of releases as ‘Abba meets Eminem’, but that doesn’t quite do it. I don’t think either of those acts would perform a song about being free “like a dolphin”. Nor would they turn their websites into a headache-inducing 90s-style compendium of information about dolphins.

Their latest track, ‘So Fresh’, actually the b-side to ‘Dolphin Style, which was released last month, is another strangely infectious piece of music that should by rights just be annoying. “With ‘So Fresh’ we wanted to make the perfect Death Team summer anthem”, they say of the track. “Adding things we love like ice-cream, cruising around in a top down car and listening to hip hop in the sunset. We want to dedicate this song to all our fans and haters: We love you!”

Well, there you go, Death Team fans and haters, this is for you: