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Approved: Deathcrush

By | Published on Thursday 6 March 2014


Having become an increasingly dropped name in the last twelve months, Deathcrush released their debut single, ‘Lesson #13 for Nanker Phelge / Fire’, as a flexi-disc attached to a poster magazine last year. With a sound they call “pelvic noise sludge”, the single and the EP that followed it, ‘Skool’s In’, do a good job of capturing the punky energy and ear-splitting noise of their live shows.

Well, I assume so, anyway. At the by:Larm festival in their native Norway last week, I arrived just in time to join the back of an ever increasing queue to see their performance at the tiny Mono venue. As the security guard shouted something in Norwegian that I guessed was along the lines of, “You might as well piss off, you’re never getting in here”, I was left to watch through the window and know that I was definitely missing out on something that you couldn’t truly experience through glass and half obscured by a black curtain.

Anyone heading to SXSW next week can attempt to get the full experience, while UK bound folks like myself will just have to wait until May, when they will be performing at The Shacklewell Arms in London on 2 May, as well as at Liverpool Sound City and The Great Escape.

Or, if you like, you can have a watch of the video for the band’s new single, ‘Lesson #16 For Beatmaster V / Fun’. If a tale of delinquent teens, dance routines and a strange obsession with Kim Jong-Un sound up your street, then I suggest you do that right now: