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Approved: DellaXOZ

By | Published on Thursday 23 June 2022


DellaXOZ is back with her first single of 2022, ‘I Want Doesn’t Get’, her richest and most satisfying pop experiment yet.

The title is something DellaXOZ’s mum would say as a jokey response whenever she said she wanted something, she explains, adding: “After having a long creative block during the pandemic, it randomly inspired me to create a song where I basically just complain about things in my life, while simultaneously accepting them”.

“It’s about this weird ‘half-relationship-half-vibes’ kind of situation I had that came abruptly to an end on the day lockdown was announced”, she goes on. “For the first few months I didn’t really try to process it, so this song for me was kind of a therapeutic vent of all the irrational and paradoxical emotions we’ve all experienced – like bitterness and resentment but contrastingly acceptance and even indifference.

“It sounds pessimistic”, she concludes, “but I came to the understanding that these things are inevitable and it’s best to accept them – or at least be indifferent to them”.

Watch the video for ‘I Want Doesn’t Get Here’: