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Approved: Diner

By | Published on Thursday 3 March 2022


Diner pen pop songs that sound like they popped out for a coffee and then wandered through the wrong door on their way back in to the studio. In this world where songs are personified, they didn’t notice that Diner’s Clark Left and Richard Jayston weren’t the musicians they were working with before and simply got on with being adorned with downbeat vocals, Moog drones and jittery drums.

“We’re interested in creating music that’s textured and layered”, says Left. “We like driving, pulsing rhythms and unconventional, but catchy hooks”.

This all comes together on the duo’s debut album, ‘Fold’, which is set for release on 29 Apr. Songs like ‘Glue, Love’ and opening track ‘Arm The Ridge’ inhale you into their world, where you’ll find yourself welcome but cut off from the outside. There, Left intones his view of the world in intimate, half-spoken melodies.

“The album is about men in my life that I’ve loved and lost; the men in power that are destroying every good thing that’s left, and songs about lost love and depression”, he says.

New single, ‘Yours’, is Diner at their most upbeat and it’s pleasingly unsettling. It feels familiar but slightly off, with the band grinning wildly and hoping you won’t notice.

Watch the video for ‘Yours’ here: