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Approved: Drillminister

By | Published on Thursday 6 December 2018


Masked rapper Drillminister went viral in October, after he was commissioned to set violent quotes made by politicians to a UK drill beat, coming up with the track ‘Political Drillin’.

It clearly highlighted the hypocrisy of politicians who demonise young rappers for their lyrics on the one hand, but take little care over their own words on the other. Point proven, the project could easily have been shelved, but now he’s back with a new politically charged track, ‘Brexit’, and there is an album on the way tackling topics from universal credit to education.

Speaking to Drugstore Culture recently, the anonymous rapper said he wanted to use his new found fame to get across a political message to his peers, saying: “‘I want to switch up the whole way the gang is thinking. I’m trying to mobilise the underprivileged youth. So that they realise, these men are messing with your future. Don’t be ignorant with what’s going on … All I want to do is raise awareness, so politicians can’t be shady. They can’t be shady if we’re all looking at them”.

Like ‘Political Drillin’, new track ‘Brexit’ turns politicians own words against them, although this time with more of Drillminister’s own political commentary. Watch the video for the track here:

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