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Approved: Dyymond Of Durham – Hunger

By | Published on Wednesday 9 January 2013

Forest Swords

‘Hunger’ is the first release from Dyymond Of Durham, an audio/visual collaboration between Liverpool-based producer Matthew Barnes and German fine artist Otto Baerst. Barnes is already known as Forest Swords, and the musical side of this project isn’t a million miles from the slow soundscapes he creates under that name, though early indications are that he’s heading into even more sparse territory here.

With a video featuring grainy footage of some Michael Jackson-style dancing definitely not linked to the track it accompanies, mournful, distorted strings roll along throughout the track. These drones are punctuated by brief snatches of piano and vocals, which sound like they’re trying to invade, as plucked strings and a repeating piano line rise up out of the drones to block them off.

The track will feature on No Pain In Pop’s ‘The Bedroom Club II’ compilation, which is due out next month. Dyymond Of Durham’s debut EP is also due out via the same label later this year.

Watch the video for ‘Hunger’ here: