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Approved: Eartheater

By | Published on Thursday 10 May 2018


Early last month, Alexandra Drewchin – aka Eartheater – returned with unsettling new track ‘Claustra’, which dates back to the recording of her last album, 2015’s ‘RIP Chrysalis’.

“I wrote ‘Claustra’ around the same time as ‘RIP Chrysalis'”, she explained. “However, the piece felt different from everything else I was making at the time. It was foreshadowing things I didn’t fully understand about myself – things that are coming more into focus with upcoming projects”.

The first hint of those upcoming projects came just a few weeks later with the release of ‘CLIT’. A dark, searing track on which Drewchin’s vocals are lifted by its violently circling sound, it’s the first to be taken from new album ‘IRISIS’, which is out on 8 Jun.

Listen to ‘CLIT’ here:

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