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Approved: Eli Moon

By | Published on Thursday 18 July 2019

Eli Moon

Emerging R&B singer Eli Moon released his debut single, ‘Bury’, last month. Now he returns with ‘Feelin Right’, which shows that the slick, confident sound on that first record wasn’t just a one-off.

Created during an extended studio session as he wrote his way through a break up, Moon says the music he is now releasing is the result of a “very internal, very introspective process”. The tracks feel very open though, with just the right balance of light and dark, and production that allows rock influences to creep in around the edges and create some extra tension.

“I wrote this song completely instinctively in about 30 minutes”, he says of his new single. “In life, we all have a path to follow that will uncover different truths. ‘Feelin Right’ is my expression of that and a journey into the darker side of my mind”.

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