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Approved: Emika – Count Backwards

By | Published on Monday 21 February 2011


CMU favourite Emika has announced release details for new track ‘Count Backwards’, which features a characteristically frail, saccharine vocal turn resting atop a dubby tangle of beats and bleeps. This, her third single for Ninja Tune, is due for release on twelve-inch and through all download stores on 11 Apr, or you can download it from iTunes right now.

Emika says of the single: “‘Count Backwards’ is the story of an over-fed yet undernourished soul in search of a little peace and quiet. In times of stress, you can count your date of birth backwards or spell your birth month backwards and the logical side of the mind is kicked into action, resulting in a feeling of calm. Counting backwards is a coping mechanism in overwhelming moments of panic. The song is inspired by my best friend from my teenage years. She was a lot older than me and was in therapy. She told me about how our brain works and how it connects thoughts, feelings and creativity. This was the first moment in my life where I became aware of my own creativity”.

The video for ‘Count Backwards’ is split into two parts, the first showing Emika literally dreaming it up, the second what fills her mind while she’s asleep. Both parts can be watched at the link below.