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Approved: Emilie Nicolas – Pstereo

By | Published on Thursday 7 May 2015

Emilie Nicolas

I guess you could accuse me of banging on about Emilie Nicolas a bit much in this column, this being her third appearance. Sure, maybe you could. But I’m in charge, and you don’t get a say, so shut up and enjoy it. Yeah, maybe you have already read about this exact song right here once before, but that was two years ago and this is a slightly different version. Also, it now has a cool video to look at.

‘Pstereo’ is a cover of a track by Norwegian rock band Dum Dum Boys (not to be confused with the oft-approved Dum Dum Girls), albeit rewritten from the ground up with lyrics translated into English. The result remains a great piece of pop that stands strong two years on from its original airing. Which is good news, because Nicolas’ debut album, ‘Like A Warrior’, will finally see the light of day in the UK on 29 Jun, a week after the single’s official release.

Now sit there and watch some whales float over the Scottish highlands in the new video for ‘Pstereo’…