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Approved: Emily Wells

By | Published on Monday 4 March 2013

Emily Wells

Hey, are you excited about Chan-wook Park’s first English-language film ‘Stoker’? If not, why not? Are you ill or something? That is an exciting thing. Also exciting is Emily Wells, who (alongside Clint Mansell and Philip Glass, no less) has a song on the soundtrack, called ‘Becomes The Color’.

A classically trained violist, Wells has been releasing music that moves between classical, hip hop and folk for over a decade – her most recent project a collaboration with Dan The Automator under the name Pillowfight. Her next album, ‘Mama’, which delves more into singer-songwriter territory, is due out on 3 Jun through Partisan Records and is an absolute delight.

Non-album track ‘Becomes The Color’ is a dreamy hip hop track that creeps and scuttles around the corners of your ears, gradually burrowing down into your eardrums. And that’s a good thing. Watch the video (which chronicles the making of a poster for ‘Stoker’) here: