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Approved: Empara Mi

By | Published on Tuesday 4 June 2019

Empara Mi

Having released a string of singles over the last couple of years, Chloe Curran – aka Empara Mi – has developed a sound that increasingly mixes pop with R&B and rap influences to dramatic effect. A bold visual style to her work further holds her in your memory, as she flourishes into an impressive emerging artist.

Following on from recent single ‘Crying’, new track ‘Blood In The Water’ is filled with drama and tension, which feeds into the accompanying video.

“The video is the journey of the break-up”, she explains. “It begins in a dreamlike state where everything feels safe, but suddenly you can’t control the involuntary warnings flooding your brain. Slowly the walls begin to crack and the other person’s colours start to show”.

“I feel like everyone acts out the end of a relationship in their heads before it happens”, she continues. “Maybe as a coping mechanism; to prepare ourselves for the worst and to see how we will take it. This video was meant to capture that mental snapshot, the beginning of the end and all the fighting and anxieties that come with it”.

Watch the video for ‘Blood In The Water’ here;

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