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Approved: Etiquette

By | Published on Wednesday 18 March 2015


Canada-based Etiquette is a synth-pop band with tight bonds – via its primary pairing, visual artist/Chad-Vangaalen-backing-vocalist Julie Fader and producer/Holy-Fuck-keyboardist Graham Walsh – to the centre of Canada’s many-sided creative scene.

Partial to the same ‘after dark’-style pop moods as Canadian movers/shakers Chromatics, Glass Candy and Tops, Etiquette’s first LP ‘Reminisce’ sidles slowly from the glazed-over disco throb of tracks like ‘Brown And Blue’ and the snow-gleaming ‘Island’, to the low-lit night time syncopations of lead single ‘Outside In’ and the robotic ‘Twinkling Stars’.

It’s released psychically and digitally on Canada’s Hand Drawn Dracula label on 24 Mar. In the meantime, feel at ease to stream it in its entirety here.