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Approved: Evy Jane

By | Published on Tuesday 3 July 2012

Evy Jane

I completely missed Evy Jane‘s debut EP when it was released back in February, so hooray once again for and its compilations of the more obscure ends of electronic music – specifically its recent examination of the crossroads where R&B and dream pop meet, which features the Canadian duo’s track ‘Sayso’ amongst its number.

Comprised of singer-songwriter Evelyn Mason and producer Jeremiah Klein, Evy Jane’s eponymous EP (available on Bandcamp) was released through new-ish Canadian label King Deluxe and features two original tracks – the aforementioned lead track ‘Sayso’ and ‘Ohso’, which is actually the more intriguing of the two for me – along with a selection of remixes, including a particularly good reworking of ‘Ohso’ by Max Ulis.

Although Mason cites both R Kelly and grime as influences, the Evy Jane sound occupies a position less forthright and certain, almost as if all their influences were only ever heard in the distance. Which, in a geographical sense at least, they perhaps were.

A second EP is apparently on the cards in the near future, which is something to look forward to. In the meantime, check out this wintry video for ‘Sayso’.