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Approved: FAE

By | Published on Thursday 8 January 2015


So, do you remember back in 2011 when everyone got excited about a mysterious band called Just A Number 05272011? On the very date held within their name, they got up on stage at the Spot Festival in Denmark and were all like, “Hey, we’re actually called Battlekat”, and everyone was like, “Oh cool”, and then they played some songs and everyone went, “I quite like this, I will clap loudly at the appropriate moments”. Yeah, you do.

Well, 50% of the band (ie two of them) have now formed FAE. And wisely, this time they have shunned the big mysterious build up their previous project had. Though they still arrive with a burst of frontloaded excitement.

Their first single, ‘RUOK’, released back in September, is a ten minute festival set closer of a track. There’s four and a half minutes of slow, tense build up before giving way to a forceful house track, with arms-in-the-air synths and body-warming vocals.

Single number two, ‘Watch Me Burn’ (which you can hear a clip of here, or the whole track if you’re in Scandinavia) is on its way. While you wait, give your play button pressing finger some exercise with ‘RUOK’: