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Approved: Fang Island – Seek It Out

By | Published on Wednesday 4 July 2012

Fang Island

Fang Island guitarist Jason Bartell recently said of the band’s approach to songwriting: “One of our core ideas has always been that our songs would be all of your favourite parts of the song that other bands make you wait eight minutes to get to. We wanted to be the band that’s nothing but your favourite hooks back to back”.

That was certainly true of the band’s eponymous 2010 debut album, a 30 minute blast of largely instrumental breakdowns. It was (and is) a lot of fun to listen to, and even more fun to see performed live. Still, it’s the kind of thing you do wonder about the sustainability of over time. It’s great, but its an idea likely to run out of steam quickly.

Which might explain why ‘Seek It Out’, taken from their forthcoming second album ‘Major’, is more of a song in the traditional sense. It has proper singing and a chorus and everything. And it’s great. It still holds to that ‘here’s the three minutes you actually want’ ethos, but is structured with more depth for those repeat listens when you want more than just instant gratification. I hope some of that instant gratification remains on the album though.

‘Major’ is out on 30 Jul via Sargent House, and you can listen to ‘Seek It Out’ here: