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Approved: Félicia Atkinson

By | Published on Thursday 27 June 2019

Félicia Atkinson

French poet, composer and ASMR artist Félicia Atkinson’s latest album, ‘The Flower And The Vessel’, was recorded largely in hotel rooms while she was both on tour and pregnant.

“It’s a record not about being pregnant but a record made with pregnancy”, she explains. It’s also influenced by the strangeness of being on tour. That thing where, each day, you find yourself in a different place that isn’t home, asking “What am I doing here? How can I connect myself to the world?” The answer, she discovered, was “with small gestures: recording my voice, recording birds, a simple melody”.

The resulting ambient album is made up of tracks comprising “structure combined with everyday noises, selecting them to make a sparse music bouquet”.

Following previously released tracks ‘Shirley To Shirley’ and ‘Moderato Cantabile’, she has now put out new single ‘You Have To Have Eyes’. Listen to that here:

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