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Approved: Findlay

By | Published on Thursday 17 March 2022


What’s this, two pieces of apocalyptic pop in the Approved column in one week? Yes. I guess the job of processing the last two years is creeping ever more into pop culture. After Greenness’s surprisingly upbeat view of the end of the world earlier this week, now comes Findlay with a wry smile as she ponders the future of humanity on new single ‘The End Of The World’.

Taken from her excellent second album ‘The Last Of The 20th Century Girls’ – out on 13 May – Findlay explains that the song was written right at the start of the pandemic. “I think it was just my way of coping with a world that felt completely surreal and out of my control”, she says.

Despite the heavy subject matter, she treats it with a lightness and humour that means it’s far from a plunging into a pool of misery.

Giving difficult subjects a jaunty, retro pop backing is what she does, after all. And she does it very well, as shown on previous singles – particularly ‘Night Sweats’, which came out last month.

Watch the video for ‘The End Of The World’ here:

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