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Approved: Florrie – Introducing EP

By | Published on Thursday 11 November 2010

We last featured Florrie in the Approved column back in February, when she officially launched herself with a free download of the Fred Falke remix of her track, ‘Call 911’. Now the ‘drummer in Xenomania’s house band turned pop star in her own right’ is back with her debut EP, ‘Introducing’, following a string of low-key single track releases throughout the year.

As with everything she’s released so far, it shows someone who could genuinely make a big mark on pop. The fact that she’s chosen to remain independent (brushing off major label contracts left, right and centre, if her website is to be believed) is an interesting case study in building a fanbase and managing its growth before fully launching, particularly if she does eventually hit it big with a major.

‘Introducing’ is available as a free download from her website, or on iTunes, should you wish to bung her a little cash. A twelve-inch release is also planned.