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Approved: Francesca Burattelli

By | Published on Thursday 19 May 2022

Francesca Burattelli

Francesca Burattelli is set to release her second album, ‘Battle Fatigue’ – the follow-up to last year’s ‘Condition’ – next month. Evolving from the more abstract composition on that debut, she builds her music into more distinct forms on this record, compounding its impact, as shown on double A-side single, ‘Giove/No Release’.

While ‘Condition’ examined heartbreak, ‘Battle Fatigue’ throws the listener into the midst of the ups and downs of romance, ultimately ending up in a kind of existential quest.

She explains: “The album is much more a reflection upon the theme of love and pain, examining romance as a game with a certain set of rules and a battle to take place. It is a way to formulate thoughts on vulnerability and shame, but mainly the acknowledgment of fighting one’s own demons, realising that we are our worst enemies”.

‘Battle Fatigue’ is set for release on 10 Jun. Listen to ‘Giove’ and ‘No Release’ here: