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Approved: Frost – Something New

By | Published on Monday 5 November 2012


As the days get shorter and the weather becomes decidedly chillier, ice cold electro mood pop of the sort Frost make (there’s a clue in their name, see) feels in keeping with the seasonal inclemency. In truth, whilst those overused clich├ęs about Scandinavians making music redolent of their environment – glacial, snowy, icy and whatnot – might be lazy, it’s not untrue to label Frost similarly.

Anyway, the new single from the Norwegian duo (which coincidentally shares a title with that inferior Girls Aloud comeback single) is a fine piece of minimal techno-pop that pushes similar buttons to those pressed by The Knife/Fever Ray, or, for that matter, iamamiwhoami (whose album ‘Kin’ is vying with Frost’s ‘Radiomagnetic’ and the eponymous debut from London’s Visions Of Trees for the accolade of best cold electronic pop album of the year).

The impressive (and suitably spooky) video is up on Vimeo now: