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Approved: Gallops

By | Published on Wednesday 16 June 2010

Post-rock can be a bit of a po-faced genre. The fact that it happily wanders around being called post-rock is enough to put some people off. Then there’s all the frowning as broad soundscapes are built into walls of thunderous guitars over and over again. It can all get a bit much. And this is coming from someone who listens to a fuck of a lot of it. So, it’s refreshing to hear a band who are as much about being fun as they are pissing about with different time signatures.

Gallops make post-rock that bounces, thanks to a rhythm section, who I imagine eat too much Haribo, and a synth player who makes the kind of sounds you might find on a 1960s edition of ‘Tomorrow’s World’ predicting the music of 1985. Guitar riffs then tear through all of this like an angry gorilla infected with a manmade virus and now hell bent on turning us all into zombies. Yes, that good. An EP is due for release via Holy Roar and Blood & Biscuits in August.