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Approved: Gold Mass

By | Published on Thursday 6 June 2019

Gold Mass

Having released various tracks since last year that will all eventually appear on her debut album ‘Transitions’, Gold Mass has now put out her fifth, ‘Mineral Love’. Working with producer Paul Savage and musician Alessandro Baris, she has created an emotionally open set of songs, each with its own distinct flavour, within an experimental pop mode.

Describing her songwriting as “an exorcism”, she aims to get as close to the unfiltered emotion that inspired each song as possible. Of course, the process of turning a thought into a song changes it, but as the listener you do feel like an unseen observer as she pours out what’s in her mind.

That said, it does feel like your presence is self-consciously acknowledged at times. Like at the end of ‘Our Reality’, when she starts talking about what she might have sung in that bit if only she’d been able to work out what she wanted to write. But even then, it doesn’t quite feel like a message meant for you.

‘Mineral Love’ is a slowly unfurling track, a slow-motion examination of the aftermath of a ferocious argument. Carefully placed harmonies and production glitches highlight different sections, the storyteller seemingly drifting between certainty and confusion.

‘Transitions’ is out on 14 Jun. Listen to ‘Mineral Love’ here:

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