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Approved: Goodnight Louisa

By | Published on Tuesday 8 October 2019

Goodnight Louisa

Songwriter Louise Anna McCraw released her first single as Goodnight Louisa, ‘Hollow God’, earlier this year. Now follows a second release, ‘Someone So Sublime’.

Composed during a writing trip to the Westfjords of Iceland, ‘Someone So Sublime’ adheres to the sombre pop sound of its predecessor. Despite the beautiful surroundings in which it was written, its lyrics have surprisingly violent undertones (although there is a case to argue that there’s a glacial influence too).

“The song started as a metaphor of being punched in the face in slow motion”, she explains. “The journey the fist takes, striking the nose and then all the blood running out signifying the idea of spitefully shoved out of love”.You can catch Goodnight Louisa live at The Poetry Club in Glasgow tonight. Or listen to ‘Someone So Sublime’ now.

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