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Approved: Grae

By | Published on Thursday 20 January 2022


Grae is back with her first single of 2021, ‘Room In The Desert’, and this time it is accompanied by news of a debut album, ‘Whiplash’, set for release this spring.

Inspired by The Cocteau Twins, ‘Room In The Desert’ represents something of a shift in Grae’s sound and songwriting. Although still firmly within the pop realm, she wanders further into the shadows than on much of her earlier work and finds herself quite comfortable there.

“’Room In The Desert’ was written on a day when I was lacking inspiration”, she says. “I came into the session with my producer Connor Seidel not knowing what to write about and instead of trying to fight that feeling, I embraced it. I decided to write a song about nothing, from nothing, using some random and interesting words we could find”.

“At the time of writing, it had no real meaning, which was the intention, but now I actually find meaning in it, which is interesting”, she adds. “I hope those who listen are able to find their own unique meaning too”.

‘Whiplash’ is set for release on 15 Apr. Watch the video for ‘Room In the Desert’ here: